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Terms and Conditions

As the processing of your order is going on and what else is there to even

Thank you for your inquiry to us. Please note to avoid misunderstandings, the following lines. The Institut Deutsche Adelsforschung (Nobility German Research Institute) research in its holdings (the bibliographic card files and registers) at specific names to the best of our knowledge and belief. We do so to help themselves.

§ 1. Type of search

Gives you be, as you can see the pattern of responses, excluding withholding evidence (this means bibliographic or archival Information to sites, signatures, ribbons, volumes, vintages or page numbers), but no transcripts, reproductions or copies. But you can easily with the information order paper-copies or virtual scans of the owning libraries and archives, in those records and literature is, or by authorized third parties can get buy on the spot. This column may cost more for copies or processing result of the inquiry, to underlie each of the different conditions of use of the individual institutions.
This is your easy way to come to the sources!
Search and find a surname or a special personal name in our virtuel sites und searchengine! Order the source informations from us: title, volume, archive or library location, page number. Order a copy of the original of a state archive or state library, who are the owners of these sources.
For free.
No costs.
20,00 Euro for 1 Steckbrief
20,00 Euro for a nobility family resraerch
Charges according to the fees, terms and conditions of the german archives and libraries

Here you will find an example of our source-informations:

You are looking for material to the family "von Nordoe". We research German resources in books and records of authors, volume and page numbers of a deposit and then you put together a list. Which might look as follows:

  • Nordoe genealogy of the family, GAF, Volume VII. (1876), page 345-378
  • Nordoe, Werner von, Regierungsrat, obituary of him in 1943, CFR, page 44-46
As you can see, our card catalog works with abbreviations, each consisting of three large letters. Along with our research results we give you now know the resolution of these abbreviations, for example:
  • GAF = needle New Encyclopedia of German Nobilty. Copies are available from the Berlin State Library Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Potsdamer Strasse 33, 10785 Berlin, Germany, Signature "Ad 617", e-mail: "".
  • CFR = Journal "The Archivist. Bulletin of German archives", Volume III., Duesseldorf 1943. Copies are available from the Main State Library, Sterngasse 3, 1030 Vienna, Austria, Signature: "HB 124", e-mail: "".
With these explanations of abbreviations you are now in a position to be requested from the appropriate libraries and archives by e-mail copies or reproductions of the resource by name title, author and of course the signature pages, which you would like to purchase a copy. By proving the source agency is our work finished and you then only with the proof of our archives and libraries do.

§ 2. Mode of transmission

The sending of the source shall be carried out by email to the address you desired. Only in exceptional cases the results will be also delivered by ordinary mail. This is the case, if your e-mail address is incorrect, and our results sent via email as undeliverable come back. The mediation by email is only an advantage for you because we can answer your query much quicker then. Moreover they save us a lot of time into envelopes for printing, postage, which in turn makes it less necessary administrative costs and the prices listed below keeps low. Requests can only be processed if you do have your full and correct real address, your name and email address; it will automatically query in the forms. 

§ 3. Charges

All information, flowing directly from our worldwide network pages are accessed and used free of charge. From your research commissioned by informal or form by request are chargeable. For this scheme we ask for your understanding as the time and personnel costs (including the necessary preliminary work such as travel to archives and libraries et cetera). The services and prices you can find at the following lines.
Our Service Price
Information of a general nature and general information for free
Research with negative results for free
all source-informations per family-surname in the area of nobility-research 20,00 Euro
all source-informations per family-surname in the area of criminal-research 20,00 Euro
Full-text from our database "Ex-Nobility in the Kingdom of Prussia 1794 to 1870" 20,00 Euro
Personal attention to reference the source documents including a written and telephonic support for free
Answering comprehension questions and questions regarding the nature and source of the documents et cetera for free
Documentation-Booklet (Paper), inculde articles to the theme "The noble and not noble part of the surname -von- in Germany" 20,00 Euro

We send our research results with a bill in the most cases within 24 hours of receiving your request. There are no additional shipping or postage costs. A payment by credit card is not possible, but you can easy pay your bill by Paypal or our international bank account.

§ 4. Your rights

They sought out specifically for the source documents are intended only for your personal use. A publication of our research tools, signature-sources and explanatory notes, as well as the dissemination and use by third parties and is not allowed.

§ 5. Form of Contract

A contract for the acquisition of information comes about when you (the customer) submit your request via e-mail form by mail or letter to us. He is considered satisfied when you receive via email the results.

§ 6. Revocation

The customer may cancel his order until a week after the conclusion of the contract. In the case of cancellation the customer is obliged to destroy all of us already sent results immediately.

§ 7. Privacy Policy

We use as the operator of the offer your personal data only under the following data protection provisions. We keep your personal data solely in line with the German data protection regulations will be processed. After your payment of the bill deletes all your data completely and irrevocably. Data are only in our house without disclosure to third parties and only for processing your order using. We are eager to collect as little data as possible in principle. We collect your information only temporarily, for the proper handling of your order are essential.  Personal data is any information concerning your personal or factual circumstances such as first name, last name, street, zip code, city, country, web-mail address, IP-address and the data to the desired sources. You have a right to information about your stored data and to rectify, block or delete your data. For questions regarding this please contact the Privacy Officer of the Instutut Deutsche Adelsforschung under the web-mail address "adelsforschung [at]". The above data collection consent can be withdrawn at any time by sending a web-mail message from you.

§ 8. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

When ordering through our form and thus triggering a search for us on your behalf, you accept the Terms and Conditions presented here expressly acknowledge that you have taken note of them.  This consent is requested by a checkbox, you must click. Without acceptance of the Terms of an order can not be abandoned.

Thank you for respecting these terms and conditions!

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